“An architecturally-seductive toll plaza - turnpike porn of the highest order”

Turnpike PORN
by Robert Bain

A Photo-Celebration of Contemporary Toll Roads, Bridges and Tunnels.


Turnpike PORN, Marketmaker Group Ltd, London, 2017
Large format landscape: 240 x 300mm (9½ x 11¾ in), 52pp
Hardback (image-wrap)
50 colour photographs
Concept, photography & design by Robert Bain
ISBN: 978 0 9561529 4 9

In this ‘Competition Edition’ captions are omitted from all 50 photographs.
Readers are awarded 1 point for naming the country and 3 points for naming the country and the toll facility. Maximum points = 150.

Can you name them? Click on images to enlarge!


Click Here to download the Competition Book Answers!

Robert Bain is an infrastructure investment analyst specialising in investor-financed road and rail projects (www.robbain.com). He is a staunch road-pricing advocate and an unashamed toll road geek. He is also a Certified Aerial Photographer and an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

In this photo-celebration, Rob combines his professional enthusiasm for toll roads, bridges & tunnels with his personal passion for photography. In an industry increasingly adopting cashless, electronic toll collection technologies (particularly ‘open road tolling’) many iconic tolling stations are becoming things of the past. Enjoy!

Turnpike PORN is published by Marketmaker Group Ltd, a leading provider of infrastructure finance events and forums run by Paul Haley. Paul has been involved in creating, organising and delivering infrastructure finance conferences for over 20 years.

In 2014 Paul launched INFIN – the global infrastructure investors’ breakfast networking club now operating in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Contact phaley@marketmaker-group.com for further information.

For more information email: info@robbain.com
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